Will WarmSculpting™ Get Rid Of My Double-Chin?

woman touching her chin

In today’s culture – where looks seem to matter more than ever – feeling unhappy with your appearance can wreak havoc on virtually every aspect of your life. For countless men and women, stubborn fat is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of reaching an ideal image. While fat bulges on the abdomen or thighs can be concealed underneath clothing, stubborn fat on the face or neck is virtually impossible to hide. Whether you are embarrassed by your side profile or avoid taking selfies because of your double-chin, we can help.

Board-certified physician Dr. Abraham Ishaaya and the award-winning team at Optima Medical Spa are proud to offer WarmSculpting in Los Angeles, CA using the advanced SculpSure® treatment system to help patients melt away double-chin fat and reveal the slim, stunning, beautiful neckline they deserve. Learn more about nonsurgical WarmSculpting for double-chin fat here, and find out whether it may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What causes double-chin fat?

Not all patients who struggle with double-chin fat are overweight. In fact, stubborn fat under the chin can plague men and women of virtually any size or shape. Some of the most common causes of having a double-chin include:

  • Genetics
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Aging
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Underlying condition
  • Certain medications

How can I get rid of my double-chin?

If you have attempted to improve your double-chin with diet and exercise, you have likely discovered just how difficult it can be to get rid of. For many people, a double-chin contains stubborn fat cells that don’t respond to traditional efforts in the same way as fat cells around the rest of the body, meaning it may be impossible to achieve the results you want on your own. Fortunately, modern medicine and technology offer a number of options for chin fat removal, including liposuction. However, if you are unable to unwilling to go under the knife, nonsurgical fat reduction with WarmSculpting may be a fantastic alternative.

What is WarmSculpting?

WarmSculpting by SculpSure is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment that is completely noninvasive, requiring no incisions, needles, sutures, or anesthesia. This innovative nonsurgical body contouring system destroys fat cells to create a slimmer, more sculpted physique and is FDA approved for use in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks/love handles
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin

How does WarmSculpting for the chin work?

Each WarmSculpting session typically takes about 25 minutes to complete and is performed while patients relax in one of our private, comfortable treatment rooms. Your certified and experienced provider will start by cleansing the skin and placing the WarmSculpting applicator under the chin. As the treatment begins, you will notice an alternating sensation of cooling and warmth– but not pain. While the WarmSculpting technology is powerful enough to heat and destroy fat cells, it will not damage your skin or other tissues. Once the treatment is complete, you will be able to return almost immediately to your normal activities, including going back to work, school, or other routines. The majority of patients require a series of WarmSculpting treatment sessions to achieve their ideal results.

Over the next several weeks, the body will flush out the expired fat cells through natural processes, and your gorgeous new profile will begin to take shape. The final results of WarmSculpting may take about 3 – 4 months after your last treatment to fully develop.

How long does WarmSculpting last?

The results of WarmSculpting can last for many, many years, though patients should keep in mind that the aging process will not stop. One of the most beneficial things that patients can do to preserve WarmSculpting results for as long as possible is to maintain a healthy, stable weight with consistent diet and exercise.

Is there an alternative to WarmSculpting for my double-chin?

While there are certainly a number of exciting advantages of nonsurgical fat reduction with WarmSculpting, it is always wise to explore your options and find out if another treatment may be more appropriate for you. During your initial consultation for double-chin reduction in Los Angeles, Dr. Ishaaya will carefully evaluate and discuss your goals, evaluate your concerns, and explain all of your options at length. In addition to WarmSculpting, Dr. Ishaaya also offers Kybella® injections for nonsurgical double-chin fat reduction.

Say goodbye to your double-chin and hello to stunning selfies with WarmSculpting chin fat reduction in Los Angeles, CA

If you are desperate to rid yourself of stubborn chin fat but aren’t interested in surgical fat removal, noninvasive WarmSculpting may be the solution you’ve been searching for. To learn more about WarmSculpting in Los Angeles, including whether it may be right for you, call the friendly team at Optima Medical Spa to schedule your private consultation today. We look forward to helping you achieve the slim, sleek, stunning neckline you deserve!

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