Will I Experience Discomfort With Secret™ RF Microneedling?

woman with glowing skin

Most of us are willing to suffer a moderate amount of pain in the name of beauty, particularly when it comes to getting glowing, healthy, youthful skin. With the tremendous advances in technology and medicine, however, many modern skin treatments are more comfortable than ever. At Optima Medical Spa in Los Angeles, CA, board-certified physician Dr. Abraham Ishaaya and his award-winning team are proud to offer the cutting-edge Secret RF microneedling system for patients seeking dual-benefit skin rejuvenation with minimal discomfort. Learn more about the benefits of Secret RF here, and find out how you may expect this exciting skin treatment to feel.

What does microneedling do?

Microneedling is a popular professional skin care treatment that uses a handheld roller with fine-gauge needles to puncture tiny holes in the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries act to stimulate the body’s regenerative properties, spurring new cell growth and reducing imperfections on the surface, including:

  • Dark spots
  • Sun spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough skin texture
  • Dry or scaly skin
  • Dull skin
  • Acne scars

What’s the difference between RF microneedling and regular microneedling?

While microneedling can certainly make stunning improvements to your skin, adding radiofrequency energy to a microneedling treatment can provide even more compelling results.

Radiofrequency (RF) skin treatments have long been used to encourage skin tightening through the use of targeted heat energy to promote collagen production. With new, healthy collagen and elastin fibers, patients can enjoy firmer, more youthful skin with a lifted appearance. The Secret RF system delivers radiofrequency energy during your microneedling treatment for the benefits of two treatments in a single step.

Does RF microneedling hurt?

The majority of patients tolerate the 20-minute Secret RF microneedling treatment well. To help minimize discomfort during RF microneedling, a topical numbing agent is applied to the skin prior to treatment. Patients may notice a warm sensation and a pricking or scraping feeling during this treatment, but it is not typically painful. Following Secret RF microneedling, it is normal to have some level of redness, swelling, irritation, and mild discomfort, but these symptoms usually resolve quickly on their own.

How many Secret RF microneedling sessions do you need?

On average, patients need a series of about 3 – 4 RF microneedling sessions to achieve their desired outcome, but this can vary based on the severity of their concerns, their response to treatment, and other factors. During your initial consultation for Secret RF microneedling in Los Angeles, the expert team at Optima Medical Spa will carefully evaluate your skin, discuss your specific concerns, and recommend the most appropriate number of treatments for you. In many cases, patients choose to undergo a repeat round of Secret RF microneedling after about 12 – 18 months to keep their skin looking fresh, firm, and healthy. Between skin treatments, it is important to avoid sun exposure, wear sunscreen, and practice proper skin care at home.

Consider Secret RF microneedling in Los Angeles, CA to get the benefits of two skin treatments in one!

With Secret RF microneedling at Optima Medical Spa, under the direction of board-certified physician Dr. Abraham Ishaaya, patients can enhance their skin from within while reducing surface imperfections at the same time! To learn more about the benefits of radiofrequency microneedling with the innovative Secret RF system, call to schedule your private consultation with one of our award-winning providers today!

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