Will Cliovana™ Treatment Improve My Sexual Experience?

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Cliovana is a revolutionary treatment that enhances the sexual experience of you and your partner. It stimulates the clitoral response using advanced sound wave energy, which, in turn, increases sensitivity and orgasmic response.

If you're interested in learning what Cliovana has to offer, call Optima Medical Spa to meet with Dr. Abraham Ishaaya. We're proud to help women of all needs and backgrounds who want to improve their intimate lives through vaginal rejuvenation in Los Angeles, CA.

How does Cliovana work?

It's normal for women to experience some sexual dysfunction due to menopause or other hormone changes. Unfortunately, this can impact your self-esteem and make you feel less than confident in the bedroom. Now, there's a way to improve sensation and make intercourse both longer-lasting and more pleasurable. The Cliovana system uses advanced sound wave technology to stimulate the clitoris and increase sensitivity, arousal, and orgasm potential.

Unlike other procedures that promise similar benefits, Cliovana doesn't require probing wands, surgical incisions, injections, or temperature-based treatments. After treatment, your body simply responds by creating healthy new cells to increase nerve stimulation and blood flow.

Who is a candidate for Cliovana?

With a quick and simple procedure, Cliovana can benefit women of all ages who are looking to enhance their sexual response. Typical candidates for clitoral stimulation include menopausal women or sexually active women who experience low libido, lack of sensation or orgasmic intensity during sex, or vaginal dryness. Ideal candidates in Los Angeles, CA, are also:

  • In good health, without underlying medical conditions

  • Have no active infections in the treatment area

  • Are not interested in invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedures

How is Cliovana used?

Dr. Ishaaya is a Cliovana-trained and certified practitioner who can perform this procedure from the comfort of our office. Treatments are applied as patients lie on their back, and the device is placed on the perineum and clitoris. Cliovana sessions are simple, easy, and fully noninvasive. No anesthesia or surgery is required, and there's no recovery time afterward.

Do I need more than one treatment?

Most patients may require more than one session to treat their issues of vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction. Optima Medical Spa can schedule four sessions total over the course of a few weeks. This allows your body the time to produce new and healthy cells in the area. Once this is over, you may require a maintenance session twice a year to make sure your results are long-lasting.

What about recovery from Cliovana?

You can go about your daily life after a Cliovana treatment. While you may notice a little redness, there should be no pain, and there's no need to take time off from work or school. Because there's no downtime involved, you can plan your next sexual encounter that night!

Treat sexual dysfunction with Cliovana

Lack of sexual sensation and vaginal dryness can impact your self-esteem and personal relationships, but Cliovana may offer a simple solution. Dr. Abraham Ishaaya is fully trained in the benefits and advantages of vaginal rejuvenation through the Cliovana system. As Los Angeles residents, we're committed to helping our neighbors find effective ways to enhance their intimate lives with minimal risk. Call the professionals at Optima Medical Spa to schedule an appointment and see what Cliovana can do for you.

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