Keep Your Skin Texture Smooth With Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

woman with glowing skin

Are you self-conscious about your skin texture? Do you have an uneven complexion or small spots that are rough to the touch? If so, Laser Genesis treatment at Optima Medical Spa may provide the soft and silky skin you desire. Dr. Abraham Ishaaya recommends this unique laser therapy to individuals with a wide range of cosmetic issues.

Our medical spa is proud to offer cutting-edge tools and technologies so patients in Los Angeles, CA have the best possible results. Call today to learn more about our advanced laser options and schedule a consultation.

What causes problems with skin texture?

People with a long history of sun exposure or tanning bed use are more likely to develop textural irregularities that make skin seem rough to the touch. Additionally, conditions like acne can leave behind scars that alter the surface of the skin.

Even over-the-counter solutions are not designed to address these specific concerns. It is better to find a treatment that addresses the root cause of the problem for real and long-lasting results.

How does Laser Genesis help?

Laser Genesis uses unique wavelengths of light to target the deeper layers of skin. The heat from the laser stimulates new collagen production and smoothes out rough skin texture. The end result is an overall reduction in fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and even common issues like enlarged pores.

Is Laser Genesis right for my skin type?

Optima Medical Spa can determine your candidacy for Laser Genesis during an initial skin assessment. Most people benefit from laser therapy as long as they do not have active sores or lesions in the treatment area and avoid medications that increase skin sensitivity. Our experts can plan out your sessions, so treatment is safe and successful.

What is laser therapy like?

Dr. Ishaaya begins Laser Genesis treatment in Los Angeles, CA by cleansing your skin to ensure no oils or makeup are present. You may feel a warm sensation as the laser works to improve your skin texture. These sensations are temporary and well-tolerated by most people.

The length of each Laser Genesis session depends on the size of the treatment area and your desired results. Most people need 4 – 6 sessions spaced out over the course of a few months. You should start to see an improvement in your skin texture after the first few treatments.

How do I keep my smooth skin long-term?

It is important to take care of your skin even after finishing Laser Genesis treatment. Wear sunscreen every day and avoid tanning beds or prolonged sun exposure. You should also follow a healthy skin care routine that includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and moisturizing. Optima Medical Spa can recommend the best products possible for your skin type. Make sure you attend follow-up appointments to maintain your results.

Finally achieve smooth skin

Rough skin texture and other irregularities make many people feel embarrassed about their appearance. Optima Medical Spa is excited to offer patients a cosmetic boost through Laser Genesis treatment in Los Angeles, CA. Our talented staff, led by Dr. Abraham Ishaaya, can improve your complexion and give you the confidence to show your face to the world. Contact us for a consultation and learn more about our aesthetic services.

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