How Does truSculpt flex Tone And Sculpt Muscles Outside The Gym?

woman with toned body running

With more and more gyms across the country closing or operating with restricted hours, many men and women are searching for alternatives to maintain or achieve a toned, sculpted physique. And for those of us who can’t seem to get the muscle mass and definition we want, regardless of how many hours we spend in the gym, there is also hope! Board-certified physician Dr. Abraham Ishaaya and the expert team at Optima Medical Spa are proud to offer one of the most innovative and efficient nonsurgical muscle toning solutions in Los Angeles, CA. This exciting treatment, called truSculpt® flex, gives men and women the opportunity to build and sculpt muscle without ever setting foot in the gym! Find out more about the advanced technology behind truSculpt flex here, and discover how it can help you reach your ultimate aesthetic goals.

What is truSculpt flex?

This treatment is a completely noninvasive body contouring solution to help men and women build muscle mass and achieve better muscle definition. By using multi-directional stimulation (MDS) technology, truSculpt flex engages the muscles in specific movements and contractions more efficiently than is possible with exercise alone, resulting in a dramatic improvement in visible muscle definition and mass.

Where can truSculpt flex be used?

The muscle-contracting technology of truSculpt flex can be used to sculpt the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

One of the most exciting aspects of truSculpt flex is that it can treat up to eight areas simultaneously, cutting down on the treatment time and maximizing the results.

How does truSculpt flex work?

During a truSculpt flex treatment in Los Angeles, your experienced and certified technician will place a series of up to 16 applicators in the target areas, and the system will be calibrated to meet your specific body type, needs, and goals. Throughout the course of the treatment session, the truSculpt flex system will deliver electric muscle stimulation in three unique modes to maximize its efficiency and ensure a complete treatment. Each treatment mode is designed to work the muscles in a different, specialized way that mimics traditional movements, including twisting, squatting, and crunching. Following the initial warm-up mode, the treatment moves into a toning mode to increase strength and endurance and concludes with a sculpting mode for mass building. Most patients tolerate truSculpt flex well without pain or discomfort, but a mild tugging sensation is often reported.

How long is recovery after truSculpt flex?

There is virtually no downtime or recovery associated with truSculpt flex. Patients are able to resume all of their normal daily routines immediately following a treatment session. Furthermore, there are very few side effects associated with truSculpt flex. Patients may feel sore following treatment, as if they had an intense workout the day before, but this typically subsides quickly.

When do you see results after truSculpt flex?

Patients may notice subtle changes in their physique and muscle definition after their first few sessions, but the peak results typically begin to appear about 2 – 3 months after the final truSculpt flex treatment.

How many treatments of truSculpt flex do you need?

The number of truSculpt flex treatments needed can vary from person to person, depending on their current physique, response to treatment, intensity of treatment, and individual goals. Most patients require an average of four truSculpt flex treatment sessions, each lasting about 45 minutes, to achieve their desired outcome.

Am I a good candidate for truSculpt flex in Los Angeles?

Most men and women who are in good overall health and are at a stable, healthy weight can be considered for truSculpt flex muscle toning treatment. However, it is important to be evaluated by a knowledgeable, experienced, and certified provider to ensure that truSculpt is right for you. Patients with certain medical conditions, as well as those that have specific implants or devices, may not be eligible for treatment.

If you are ready to get the ripped, stunning body you’ve always wanted but weren’t able to achieve in the gym, we invite you to call the friendly team at Optima Medical Spa, led by board-certified physician Dr. Abraham Ishaaya, to schedule your in-office or online consultation today, and find out more about how truSculpt flex in Los Angeles, CA can shred your muscles like never before!

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