Can Laser Genesis Get Rid of Large Pores?

woman with smooth skin

Do you suffer from large pores? They can look unsightly and make it difficult to wear makeup. Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin by reducing pore sizes and giving your skin a smoother appearance.

Board certified physician Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya offers Laser Genesis treatments at Optima Medical Spa to reduce pore size and serve as an all-in-one skin treatment. The breakthrough laser skin rejuvenation technology is suitable for patients of all skin tones and types near Los Angeles, CA.

Laser Genesis treats not only large pores but also the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Redness caused by rosacea

  • Dull skin

  • Sun damage

  • Rough spots on the skin

  • Acne scars

  • Skin laxity

All about Laser Genesis treatments for large pores

Laser Genesis treatment for large pores takes place in one of our private rooms at Optima Medical Spa in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Ishaaya and his team will clean your skin and prep it for laser treatment. Most patients find the procedure comfortable. You’ll feel a gentle pulse of heat energy that enters the dermis layer of your skin to encourage the production of collagen fibers, which will help make your skin appear smoother with smaller pores.

Following treatment with the Laser Genesis, you can return to your normal activities. You’ll just need to protect the area with sunscreen and avoid sun exposure.

Dr. Ishaaya at Optima Medical Spa in Los Angeles, CA customizes each Laser Genesis treatment plan to meet patients’ unique needs. To reduce the size of your pores, you’ll likely require 4 – 6 Laser Genesis sessions.

Following treatment with the Laser Genesis, patients usually notice lasting results for 6 – 12 months (in some situations, even longer). Some patients might need maintenance rounds to ensure that their pores stay smaller. Most patients can easily maintain their results by avoiding sun exposure and living healthy lifestyles to keep them looking younger and glowing. You can also discuss coupling Laser Genesis treatment for large pores with other cosmetic procedures, such as microdermabrasion or facials, to achieve even greater results.

What causes large pores?

If you suffer from large pores, then the condition could be genetic. Your relatives probably also have large pores on the cheeks, forehead, and nose. As you age, your body’s collagen and elastin production does decrease. Your skin can start looking saggy, which makes your pores enlarge and become more noticeable. Ongoing sun damage also increases your pore size substantially.

Laser Genesis treatments for dark skin

Many laser skin treatments are not suitable for dark skin, but the Laser Genesis can be used on all skin tones, even darker ones. Ideally, for the best results, use Laser Genesis on light to medium skin tones.

Schedule a consultation to discuss getting rid of large pores in Los Angeles, CA.

Do you suffer from large pores? If so, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya at Optima Medical Spa in Los Angeles, CA to discuss how the Laser Genesis treatment can reduce pore size and refine the skin’s appearance. He will discuss your skin care goals and assess your skin type to determine your results. Contact Dr. Ishaaya today to schedule a consultation.

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