What Is Recovery Like After WarmSculpting™ Treatment?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 04/18/2022

WarmSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that requires no downtime, although you will need to maintain a consistent weight.


truSculpt® ID Can Help Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 03/25/2022

truSculpt ID is an advanced body contouring treatment that removes excess fat. Discover how this procedure prepares your body for swimsuit season.


How Long Does It Take To See Results From Laser Genesis Skin Therapy?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 02/25/2022

A helpful timeline of what you can expect after laser genesis skin treatments, including when you’ll start to notice a change in your complexion.


Will I Have Scars After Secret™ RF Microneedling Treatment?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 01/21/2022

Deep acne scars can cause feelings of embarrassment. Discover how Secret RF microneedling addresses common skin problems without causing scarring.


Four Reasons to Consider truSculpt® ID for Fat Reduction

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 12/22/2021

Nonsurgical fat removal can treat many body areas without incisions or extended recovery. See how truSculpt ID works for cutting-edge fat reduction.


Will Cliovana™ Treatment Improve My Sexual Experience?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 11/10/2021

Vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction can make you feel less than confident. See how Cliovana works to stimulate the clitoris for enhanced sensation.


Can Soundwave Therapy Help With ED?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 10/13/2021

Erectile dysfunction symptoms can prevent you from enjoying intimate times with your partner. Explore the many benefits of soundwave therapy for ED.


How Often Do I Need to Get Secret™ RF Microneedling Treatments?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 09/23/2021

Secret RF microneedling can address acne scars, wrinkles, and discoloration. Learn how many skin rejuvenation sessions are needed for optimal results.


What is the Maximum Amount of truSculpt® flex Sessions I Can Have?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 08/18/2021

You will require about 4 – 6 truSculpt flex sessions on average. The work provides a thorough approach to treatment.


Will I Experience Discomfort With Secret™ RF Microneedling?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 07/15/2021

What does Secret RF microneedling do for your skin, what does it feel like, and will you need any numbing medication? Find out here.


Laser Genesis: Your One-Stop-Shop For Total Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 06/16/2021

Looking for a way to treat all of your skin concerns at once? You may be a candidate for the revolutionary Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation process!


truSculpt® ID: Personalized Solutions For Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 05/13/2021

Imagine melting away unwanted fat without the need for anesthesia, incisions, or countless hours in the gym. With truSculpt ID, it’s really possible!


Five Reasons Facelifts Are Out And Secret™ RF Microneedling Is In!

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 04/08/2021

Looking for a nonsurgical alternative to facelift that can still give you gorgeous, youthful, long-lasting results? Consider Secret RF microneedling!


Could Your Cellulite Be The Result Of A Hormonal Imbalance?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 03/24/2021

Are some people more likely to develop cellulite than others, and could it be related to hormones? Get the answer and discover treatment options here.


Can WarmSculpting™ Tone My Tummy After Pregnancy?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 03/18/2021

Looking for an easy solution for stubborn belly fat after pregnancy that won’t respond to diet and exercise? WarmSculpting may be right for you!


Will TempSure™ Envi Smooth Out My Facial Wrinkles?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 03/10/2021

Men and women with early signs of facial aging who aren’t quite ready for cosmetic surgery can benefit from nonsurgical skin tightening with TempSure.


Help! Is There A Painless Treatment For Vaginal Dryness?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 03/04/2021

Cliovana™ is a great treatment to promote sexual wellness in women, including addressing vaginal dryness, with virtually no pain or downtime involved.


Will Cellulite Reduction with truSculpt Tighten Loose Skin?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 02/23/2021

Using RF technology, get rid of cellulite, smooth out skin, and reduce saggy skin with truSculpt for a tighter body during the upcoming summer months.


How Much Fat Is Removed From WarmSculpting™ With SculpSure®?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 02/16/2021

Does nonsurgical fat reduction with no pain, no incisions, and no downtime sound too good to be true? Discover revolutionary WarmSculpting here!


How Long Will Redness Last After TempSure™ Envi Treatment?

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Ishaaya | 02/09/2021

Did you know that it’s possible to get firmer, more youthful-looking skin with virtually no downtime? Discover noninvasive TempSure skin tightening.


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